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LD and I traveled to our family reunion over the weekend and of course I took my knitting.

My mother asked about my project and I showed her the pattern.

Cardigan Components

LD asked what color the detail would be. Before I could answer, she said, “I hope it’s not going to be orange.  I won’t wear it.’  I didn’t reply.

Here are my choices:

  1. Make it orange anyway
  2. Make it another color
  3. Show her the orange and discuss it with her
  4. Make it another color, like gray, but keep the orange glitter thread with it that I was going to use with the orange

I still have some time to decide.

Right now, I’m at #4, but I may actually end up at #3 and then do #4 if she truly believes she won’t wear the orange.

I really want her to wear the orange and blue sweater, and then pass it down to her daughter in 30 years.  That will be part of my #3 strategy.

That New Computer?

That New Computer? GRRR…it has not been good to me this week.

I’ve had to refresh it which somehow erased all my added programs but saved my files.  For which I am aggravated, but also thankful.

And my network connection has been continuously lost but thankfully found at this point.

I think the worst part is that I don’t know why.

Or maybe it’s really that DDSO isn’t here to take care of it for me.

Today was a rough day.  Maroon 5’s Payphone summed it up for me:

If “Happy Ever After” did exist,
I would still be holding you like this
All those fairy tales are full of shit
One more fucking love song, I’ll be sick.

The computer is back up, without DDSO’s input.  I also need to move forward.

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the new Black.

I am addicted to this show.

I just started watching it two days ago and I’ve seen 5 episodes already.

Should I be admitting that?

This is a new series on Netflix where they release all the shows in one season all at once.  I like to watch shows like that. I usually DVR a series so I can watch at least two episodes at a time.

I think this habit started with LOST. I started watching it in its third season when I got the first two seasons on DVD and was HOOKED.  I don’t understand how anyone can be happy watching one episode per week.

The sad part is when the current season is ending and I have to wait months to see what happens next.  Sometimes I won’t watch the finale of the previous season until the next season is about to begin.

Does anyone else do this?

A Good Trip

I recently went to the Columbus, Ohio area for a business trip.  The most wonderful and often surprising things kept happening.

  1. My flights were on time.
  2. I was able to keep my bags with me and was not forced to check them at the gate.
  3. The Gate Exit area at the hotel had a wonderful Lichtenstein sculpture (Brushstroke) waiting to greet me.
  4. The co-worker that I had arranged to meet at the airport to share a car was also on time, coming from an entirely different area of the country.
  5. I had a wonderful time connecting with a sorority sister whom I had not seen since college.
  6. I got to experience Graeter’s ice cream (black raspberry). Delicious! I am a fan!
  7. The hotel clerk did not gouge me the $4 for a bottle of Fiji water.
  8. I did not get disconnected from my call with Orbitz when I tried to change my flight to an earlier time and was on hold for 5 minutes.
  9. The US Airways person at the counter did not charge me the $75 to change my flight.
  10. Even though my flight was cancelled due to the rain storms in Ohio, I was able to get through to the US Airways emergency line right away and got to choose the flight back the next morning.  As I was getting my things together to leave the airport, I heard an announcement telling people to be patient about getting an attendant on the phone.  Go, me! I didn’t have any issues at all.
  11. I was able to get a hotel room through my company’s travel agency even though other people were told there were no rooms.
  12. I called the hotel shuttle to pick me up at the airport. They said that the shuttle would be there in 10 minutes…and it was!
  13. I asked the bartender/waiter in the hotel restaurant for a water with a lot of lemons, and he actually did it!  I told him I was happy to experience a man who listens.  He just smiled (praying for a good tip?).
  14. The 6:05 AM (ugh) shuttle to the airport was on time.
  15. I was in Zone 1 for boarding.
  16. For both flights!
  17. That made my heart go pitter patter.
  18. Both my return flights were on time.
  19. And then the icing on the cake.  The car service sent a limo instead of a sedan to take me home.  What a treat!

I told the driver about all the good things that had happened to me during the past few days and he advised me to play the lottery.  I reasoned that good things happened when I didn’t ask for them, so I wasn’t going to jinx it by playing the lottery. He urged me to buy a ticket anyway.

I haven’t bought one yet.

But I do have Mah Jongg tonight…big winnings in my future?

(for those who don’t play Mah Jongg, the hand values are under a dollar…)

To Tink or Not

Knit or Tink?

I am up to the sleeves! I am an “old fashioned” knitter – I don’t do the magic circle knitting where I can do two round pieces at the same time. Therefore, I am on the first sleeve now that I’ve gotten past those 16 3/4 inches!

In the knitting world, to Tink is to backtrack to a mistake and fix it. (Knit spelled backwards.) Typically, I will not Tink but forge ahead and fix the mistake on the next row…or whenever I catch it.

Just like the saying “if you think something is too good to be true, it usually is,” it is also true that if you have a nagging suspicion that you’ve made a mistake, you probably have!

Somehow I reversed my direction when I was knitting in the round. Luckily I had hours to kill while traveling and discovered my error in my ribbing stitches. I will fondly remember my time in the DC airport tinking the sleeve. And being proud of myself for being professional about it.
Not that I had a choice….there was a piece of yarn pulled across the back…and the rows were skewed.


Journaling is comforting. It’s a nice way to reflect on what happened that day, and to keep memories of daily activities.

I have a 10 year daily journal, where each page has 10 years’ worth of entries. I have 2 1/2 more years to complete it.

The first year, at the top of the page, includes the experience of meeting DDSO and hitting it off right away. We met online, spoke for hours on the phone for a week, met for dinner. That was it.  We were so alike and knew how each other thought that there really was no courting period, save the first week on the phone.

Last year was really difficult, reading about the good times and the suffering years later.  All of it made me sad.

I did make a mistake in 2006 where I was just so happy with DDSO that I didn’t write that much down.  Now I look at the blank entry fields and just sigh knowing that, in this case, blank equals happy.  It’s also made me more strict with myself to write an entry no matter what.

In January 2012, I also started an electronic journal. I use the (free) 280 Daily site where you get 280 characters to record your day.  Some days it’s a little challenging to keep it to the limit, other days it’s way too many characters to fill!  You can also save pictures with entries, and the ability to mark an entry as a “Day of Note.”

280 Daily Statistics

In the first year after DDSO passed away, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue the 10 Year Journal.  After awhile, I decided to finish it. I wanted to show the story of me becoming happy again.  Right now I’m at the point of becoming “not sad,” and am looking forward to the “being happy.”  I am happier these days, rather than sad, but I’m still comparing how I’m feeling. I need to get to the place where I just am happy, without thinking about it.  But I’m not pressuring myself. I know I’ll get there.

I wonder why both journals?

Surprisingly, they each have their own flavor and don’t necessarily have the same recollection for the same day. I almost faithfully write my 280 daily entry each evening, whereas I enter the handwritten one the next morning.  Both are somewhat reflective, but I often have a different perspective on the day after a night of sleep.  Additionally, the handwritten one provides more room and I can concentrate or expand on one specific topic if I wish.

Overall, I want to finish the 10 year collection, but also like the more succinct entries that need to fit a certain size.

No decision. Or rather, the decision to continue with both.  For now anyway.

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