Bad Knitting Ads

MEOW! Yes, I may be feeling a little catty today. I started reading the latest edition of Vogue Knitting (Winter 2013/2014) this morning and was struck by the number of uninspiring photos in the ads.

Bad Knitting Ads

This Koigu ad is what spurred me into writing this post, although there were plenty of other bad ads. But really!

Yes, the yarn looks intriguing. But the pattern?  Who in their right mind would wear this outfit?

When the model doesn’t even look good…or is this a throwback to …Hippie chic???

Who would wear these things?

This next one, an ad for a variegated yarn, must have been knit in the wrong size for the model. She is slumping in the photo because if she stands up straight, you will see that the garment is entirely too short for her figure.  I am not a fan of the pattern and think it’s dated.

Bad Knitting Ads

And finally, I’m sure this model is an active, healthy woman. But she looks pregnant in this outfit. Since the ad was not targeting pregnant women specifically, I don’t think the ad is effective in selling the yarn or the pattern.

Bad Knitting Ads

I used to get another knitting magazine, and the patterns for the magazine itself were so dated and dreadful, I used to wonder what the models were really thinking behind their smiles.  “Finally, a modeling job!  And if I put it in my portfolio, it will look like I’ve been modeling for decades because this clothing style is no longer in fashion.  And, it will show how little I’ve aged since then, too!”

At least the models, the patterns and the styles from Vogue Knitting are modern, fresh, and inspiring.  And that what it’s all about.

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