Sex and Knitting

It’s vacation time! I am sitting here in the lobby of my hotel in the Bahamas writing this latest post. Now, that’s a dedicated writer!  Nah, it’s just that I wanted to capture the moment and have a post titled “Sex and Knitting.”

Conjures up interesting images!

I’d love to see your comments of where your mind went. Please bear in mind that WordPress has a keep it clean policy….so we may need to rein in your most creative thoughts.

For me, Sex and Knitting is where my mind goes while I am sitting on the beach. (Photo to be inserted later, as I can’t seem to figure it out on this tablet.)

I am pleased that my mind doesn’t only go to knitting, and also that it doesn’t only go to sex. I am also pleased that it doesn’t go to food or drinks.

I am quite content with Sex and Knitting.

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