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Feeling Old These Days

I’ve been feeling old lately.  But in a good way.

DDSO’s birthday is two weeks away.  I’m not dreading it as in the past couple of years, but it is still out there, waving its hand at me.  Two weeks after that is his yahrzeit (anniversary of his death).  I’ll get through it as I have the past two years.

My birthday is 2 weeks after that, and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll accept every year that comes!

The feeling old part – I guess I’m finally getting my act together, understanding and accepting who I am and putting myself out there – yes, it’s me, here I am!

Who am I?

Among a myriad of other descriptions, I am…

Someone who enjoys knitting and high heels.

Feeling old?And surrounds herself with beautiful objects.2014-10-24 07.49.46-1

What happened with my generation?

Disclaimer: I do realize that children do not share all their activities with their parents and I am getting filtered reports.

  • The weekends started Thursday nights.
  • Panty raids and early morning parties, along with beer and Abe’s doughnuts, that started at 5 AM
  • Yes, we also studied, and we’re fully functional adults now, many are the breadwinner in our families

I visited my daughter up at college this weekend and couldn’t believe the differences between her college experience and mine. I drove off the campus wondering how my generation became so uptight!

Today’s Greek members (fraternities and sororities) seem to spend a great of their time in social engagements for their respective philanthropic organizations. My daughter had at least two to choose from on Saturday and another one or two on Sunday. I’m lucky I can even remember my sorority’s philanthropic affiliation (helping others with sight issues) from my college days. Also we rarely, if ever, spent time with other Greek organizations participating in efforts for their affiliations.

I only recall the Dance Marathon weekend which I think might have raised money for Muscular Dystrophy. I’m not sure if that was for a particular Greek house or just a university-wide event in which the Greeks participated.

No, we spent our time singing dirty songs on the university’s chapel steps. This was an annual competition during Greek Week. We changed the lyrics from popular songs to dirty words, dressed slutty, and provocative, and sang our hearts out on the university chapel steps.

Greek Week

We partied with other Greek houses, went to socials and formals in each other’s houses, and had a blast!

The chancellor of my daughter’s college (and my alma mater) has a reputation on campus of being against Greek affiliation. According to his bio, he graduated law school in 1981 so he would be roughly around 60 years old. I wonder if he’s been so uptight his entire life. But it’s not just him. It’s our generation. We are raising our children to be socially conscious, politically correct young adults. Was our upbringing disastrous? Were our “wild ways” so bad? It’s like our generation has a stiff, non-removable stick you know where.

Our children have enough pressure to succeed. The population is bigger, the competition is tougher. We also need to teach them how to relax every once in a while. Like we did!

Giving in to Temptation!

Perusing Etsy is like stepping into a world of temptation!

So many tempting selections!There are so many luscious items!

I just could not resist this yarn:

so tempting!All the way from England! and it came faster than some purchases made stateside.

I am loving it!

Gave in to temptation!I’m making a long scarf that will show off all the colors….and will share my project as I progress…

Temptations realized!



More Crocheted Scarves

I thought that my first few incidents of crocheted scarves were going to be short stints.  But these crocheted infinity scarves have been so easy to make, and help keep my neck warm that they’ve become a staple project.

Recently, LD asked me for a gray infinity scarf and allowed me to use variegated yarn.

Excited to use a variegated yarn for her, I select a worsted weight yarn from Knit Picks – their  Chroma style, in the Fog Bank color: “A subtle series of grays, Fog Bank rises from dark charcoal, to medium blue-gray, to a light mist.” Unfortunately, this also had some brown in it and I wasn’t sure if LD would like it.  I told her about it and she was iffy.


The yarn for the first scarf – hard to tell that there’s brown in it..

Chroma Fog Bank - double stranded. Definitely browns and grays.

Chroma Fog Bank – double stranded. Definitely browns and grays.

I then went to Webs, and found a lovely yarn with its strand having the different colors, rather than having it as a series of colors along the yarn.  “Rowan Drift is a bulky single ply yarn that swirls several colors together to create a stunning appearance when knit or crocheted.”

This one is definitely not brown!

Rowan Drift finished product.

Rowan Drift finished product.

Rowan Drift scarf up close and personal.

Rowan Drift scarf up close and personal.

I’m visiting LD at college this weekend and brought both scarves up for her to see. I would have been satisfied if she had liked one and sent the other home with me…that I would use!

I received even better results. She wanted both!

Now on to some knitting?

NYC Vogue Knitting Live 2015!

I have registered for the  Vogue Knitting Live 2015 in NYC the weekend of January 17th!

Last year, the person I sat next to in the Norah Gaughan lecture shared her attendance strategy of only attending lectures. She found them very informative and more relaxing.  I tried to do the same this year, but found that there really aren’t that many lectures from which to choose, the price for 3 lectures is almost the same as taking 3 classes, the Marketplace ticket is an additional expense, and worst of all, one would have to wait till a later date to purchase a ticket to the gala dinner.

No,no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.  That was not going to work for me.

I also learned in the past that I really have to register early to get the classes that I want. Last year I dilly-dallied over the machine knitting classes, and totally missed out.  So within the hour of receiving the email that regular registration was open, I was there (online)!

I registered for:

  • Special Techniques of the Savvy StitcherDo you ever sense that there are important concepts missing in your crochet education? So many crocheters are self-taught, they manage to acquire lots of skill without quite mastering others. This class provides the knowledge you may be seeking about: counting stitches, turning chains and alternatives, stitch pattern multiples, increasing and decreasing, joining yarns, changing colors, weaving in ends, and foundation stitches. We’ll continue building techniques for tackling challenging stitches like reverse single crochet and various loop stitches. Move your skill level up a notch by reviewing both standard and innovative ways to tackle typical crochet questions. Taught by Dora Ohrenstein, who is an established crochet designer and is teaching many crochet-oriented classes this year. I looked her up on Ravelry, and chose two of her designs to share with you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Fingers First Gloves – Taught by Amy Detjen, who works closely with Meg Swansen,  Amy will teach you how to make seamless gloves starting with the fingers (done using an I-cord technique). This guarantees a custom fit, and you get the pesky part done at the beginning. Amy will demonstrate lots of techniques during the class, which also includes a sheet of guidelines for making custom gloves. I have always been intimidated by the fingers (which is odd since I love dpn knitting) so I thought this would be good to do in a classroom setting.
  • Beading 101 – I have been coveting some bead sites lately, so decided to take this class to justify converting my lusting to actual purchases (from the oh-so-very-beautiful and unique, to PandaHall, the site that offers standard beads at good prices.)
    This class teaches three different techniques for working with beads. It is the perfect introductory knitting with beads workshop! Besides learning how to choose beads and yarn, you will learn how to place beads on a stitch with a crochet hook or dental floss, how to work with prestrung beads, and how to make a beaded attached I-cord edging. This is a class for knitters with basic knitting skills who want to learn how to add some bling to their knitting! It is taught by Laura Nelkin, 2 of her designs from Ravelry are shown below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tried to throw in a lecture during Saturday lunch, but it brought the cost up a little more than I wanted to spend.  I tried to do 2 lectures on Sunday instead of 1 class, but again, not worth the expense. I ended up registering via the Broadway Baby package, that includes the Marketplace entrance fee.  I paid for the dinner as a separate expense.  As you may recall from last year’s recount, they give a goody-bag that more than covers the cost of the dinner, not to mention experiencing the wonderful camaraderie with the other guests, speaking the knitting language in a great social setting.

Vogue Knitting Live 2015

I can’t wait!

Work to Live, or Live to Work?

I debated whether or not to post this, as it makes it look like I really hate my job.  I don’t, but I have definitely transitioned lately from loving my job responsibilities to a “work to live” mindset.  Of course, like many of you I’m betting, I have the naive, idealistic perspective that working in the knit/fiber/craft industry would be different, that transferring my current business skills to work that supports knitters would be a little more interesting.

Work to Live

Hyosung Textile Company, Seoul, Korea

Although if you throw me an infrastructure (computer servers) project in a knitting company, I think it would be just as boring to me as it is in the technical company in which I am currently employed.

Disclaimers noted.  Here are the observations I wrote down last week:

  • Internet Explorer Bookmarks at Work. They should have another name, accessing these internal work sites are not my Favorites.
  • If I work with people who are incompetent, does that mean that overall they are buffoons, or maybe that they’re just bad in their jobs? Or maybe they’re really competent in fields in which I have no interest?
  • Work to Live vs. Live to Work. Not being enthralled with my work responsibilities has allowed me to focus on being happier in my free time. Work to Live is not such a bad thing after all.
  • I’ve started listening to NPR and am getting hooked! I find myself sitting in my car in the parking lot to hear the end of a news story.
  • I’m starting to observe my own stereotyping – I find myself being surprised to have to spell out the name of an Indian co-worker’s name to another Indian contact, but I don’t have the same element of surprise when doing the same thing with American co-workers.
  • Why do I end up working late?
    • A. I am a heavy duty procrastinator?
    • B. I like to be busy so I save everything to the last hour(s) of the workday?
    • C. I think best when I have a lot to do? OR
    • D. All of the Above.
      • (D)
  • Even if the work is not interesting to me (i.e. mind numbingly boring) it is still important to the company, and being who I am, I can only do a good, no, an EXEMPLARY,  job in whatever role I am assigned.  The big fear I have from this is that I will keep getting these kinds of projects because I do so well to get them OVER WITH ALREADY.  Quite a conundrum.

Work to Live

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