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Sex and Knitting

It’s vacation time! I am sitting here in the lobby of my hotel in the Bahamas writing this latest post. Now, that’s a dedicated writer!  Nah, it’s just that I wanted to capture the moment and have a post titled “Sex and Knitting.”

Conjures up interesting images!

I’d love to see your comments of where your mind went. Please bear in mind that WordPress has a keep it clean policy….so we may need to rein in your most creative thoughts.

For me, Sex and Knitting is where my mind goes while I am sitting on the beach. (Photo to be inserted later, as I can’t seem to figure it out on this tablet.)

I am pleased that my mind doesn’t only go to knitting, and also that it doesn’t only go to sex. I am also pleased that it doesn’t go to food or drinks.

I am quite content with Sex and Knitting.

Oh, Dear!

I did the unthinkable! I frogged the Craftsy KAL Cowl, a knitted cable pattern.

Not that frogging is unthinkable and certainly not inexcusable.

The major twist is that I am now using the yarn to crochet (yet another) scarf. Yes, I Ripped Out Knitting to crochet!

I also frogged the last piece I was crocheting,

2014-02-25 19.18.00

but now feel somewhat comfortable enough to experiment creating crochet stitch sets on my own.  I know that won’t help me when I try to follow a crochet pattern, but it will give me an idea of how the stitches balance and counterbalance each other.

On another note…I’ve been corresponding with some Italians this week to find an apartment while visiting LD during her study abroad later this year.  They use the salutation, “Dear,” which I am quite enjoying and have been replying in the same manner.

It reminds me of my grandmother, who used to write (actually type, on her Selectric typewriter), “Julie Dear,” instead of “Dear Julie.” I always liked that term of endearment!

I miss the more formal days of writing letters with “Dear;” emails can never convey that personal touch.

And this grandmother was the one who I ever first saw knitting; I still have some of her afghans (though I accidentally felted one recently).  I’m betting she wouldn’t mind. “Oh, Dear…”

No Dairy, Caffeine or Chocolate?

I was having trouble sleeping last month so I decided to do a trial of not consuming dairy, caffeine or chocolate.

Dairy makes me all phlegmy so when I lie down it blocks my throat passage.

Caffeine may have been causing me to not fall asleep easily.

Chocolate has caffeine. Boo! Hiss! Decided to stop eating it, for a month anyway.

This all started on December 29th, along with my already mostly-in-place habit of not eating wheat products or processed foods.

Surprisingly, what I miss the most is…a nice cup of coffee, it could even be decaf, with cream and sugar.

Also surprisingly, I don’t really miss chocolate.  I went out with a friend last night and we reviewed the dessert menu. All 5 offerings had chocolate (most had wheat too).  I had no trouble saying, “nope, not interested.”

I also found that it’s much easier to say “No” now.  Someone had brought in bagels and cream cheese at work.  Before I might have said, well, maybe I’ll have a little cream cheese, and then would have ended also having a little bagel.  Now that I’m not eating dairy, it was very easy to just say No to the entire offering.

I also like that I give myself complete freedom to have anything I want….and then surprisingly end up having what I want to want I had not brought my breakfast to work today and had to get something in the (dairy-laden, gluten loaded) cafeteria.  Walking in, I decided to have a (flour) wrap with eggs and maybe bacon. I used to get it with cheese, but absolutely knew I did not want that today.  By the time I was ordering, it was eggs with sausage. No gluten, no cheese, no problem.  Without a thought.  I love it.

I also found this wonderful product that helped me through the holiday season.

This stuff is awesome!  It tastes delicious and doesn’t leave that “not quite satisfied, but I shouldn’t have done it” feeling at the end.  Too bad it’s seasonal. It would also make great ice cream. Next year…

So how am I feeling?

I have gotten compliments that I look good and that my skin is “so clear.”

I feel good. I don’t feel tired when I wake up. I go to bed at a decent hour instead of getting all those second and third winds that keep me up. I’m sleeping better for the most part.

Most of all, I’m proud of myself for making it a whole month, and continuing on…because it feels good.

Bad Knitting Ads

MEOW! Yes, I may be feeling a little catty today. I started reading the latest edition of Vogue Knitting (Winter 2013/2014) this morning and was struck by the number of uninspiring photos in the ads.

Bad Knitting Ads

This Koigu ad is what spurred me into writing this post, although there were plenty of other bad ads. But really!

Yes, the yarn looks intriguing. But the pattern?  Who in their right mind would wear this outfit?

When the model doesn’t even look good…or is this a throwback to …Hippie chic???

Who would wear these things?

This next one, an ad for a variegated yarn, must have been knit in the wrong size for the model. She is slumping in the photo because if she stands up straight, you will see that the garment is entirely too short for her figure.  I am not a fan of the pattern and think it’s dated.

Bad Knitting Ads

And finally, I’m sure this model is an active, healthy woman. But she looks pregnant in this outfit. Since the ad was not targeting pregnant women specifically, I don’t think the ad is effective in selling the yarn or the pattern.

Bad Knitting Ads

I used to get another knitting magazine, and the patterns for the magazine itself were so dated and dreadful, I used to wonder what the models were really thinking behind their smiles.  “Finally, a modeling job!  And if I put it in my portfolio, it will look like I’ve been modeling for decades because this clothing style is no longer in fashion.  And, it will show how little I’ve aged since then, too!”

At least the models, the patterns and the styles from Vogue Knitting are modern, fresh, and inspiring.  And that what it’s all about.

My Relationship with Netflix

English: Photograph of full-size (12cm) and &q...

I am a model Netflix customer. They should send me a gift this year for my activity, or lack thereof.

Should I admit this?

Over a course of 12 months, I had 9 of their DVDs in my possession.

Damn! The secret’s out! I still get those red envelopes in my mailbox. I am so old-fashioned.

Worse yet, My average rating for the DVDs was a 2.4.

It’s appalling:

  • Ronin, 12/15/12-3/4/13 (3 1/2 stars)
  • The French Connection, 3/4 – 8/8 egads! (3 stars)
  • Tru Calling, Season 1, Disc 2, 8/8 – 9/18 (4 stars)
  • Secretary, 9/18 – 11/15 (2 stars)
  • You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, 11/15 – 11/20 (1 star – could not get rid of it fast enough)
  • The Last Word, 11/20 – 12/4 (1 star – could not even finish it)
  • Happy-Go-Lucky, 12/4 – 12/10 (1 star – I don’t even remember if I saw more than 10 minutes)
  • William & Mary, Disc 1, 12/5 – 12/13 (4 stars [BBC TV Show])
  • The Kids Are All Right, 12/10 – still at home (3 stars)

I’m trying to write that the lesson learned here is to let go of the DVD service and save some money. But I’m having trouble moving forward with that decision. I really liked the William & Mary show and I still have 3 discs to go.

Maybe after I watch that….but then again…I could pay the same amount and actually watch more movies instead.

I like that route better.  At least for now.


I woke up this morning thinking about how to reframe last year’s resolutions, most specifically the resolution to finish my current knitting project before starting a new one.  That resolution didn’t turn out so well, as I have not yet completed LD’s cardigan, and thus prevented myself from doing any other projects.

So maybe I need to be more specific this year. “Finish LD’s sweater.” Or even “Finish LD’s sweater before the spring.”

Which somehow got me thinking about the Jetsons.  How many of the items in their theme song are actually true these days? Of course, as one up to the challenge at 8 AM, and giving me a chance to put my 2014 Resolutions on the divergent thinking path for awhile, I decided to do a little research.

NO – Live in Space, (My All-Time Favorite when the) Vehicle folds up into a briefcase, Robot Housekeeper, Helicopter Family Vehicle, Drop people at their destinations by having them float down in a capsule, Teenage daughter giving her dad a goodbye hug when being dropped off at school, Moving sidewalk into apartment, Chair automatically appears behind you when you get home from work, Son giving dad his slippers, Daughter giving dad his pipe, (Teenage) daughter giving dad a welcome home from work kiss, Dog going on a treadmill, Cat going on a treadmill.

MAYBE, depending on your family/perspective – Father – Breadwinner, Mother spending all day at the mall, Mother taking most of dad’s money, Family taking teenage daughter to high school, Family greeting dad home from work, kids bring lunch from home, drop kid off at elementary school.

YES – Treadmill for exercise, Robot vacuum cleaner, Standard Family of 4, Pet dog, Moving sidewalk (or escalator/elevator) into office building, highrise apartments, Taking dog for a walk, Dog chasing a cat.

What other mindless activities can I do while I don’t think about Resolutions?

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