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Have you Kickstarter-ed yet?

Helping others achieve their dreams!

Not tax-deductible, but it’s still tremendously fulfilling to help people get their designs/projects/businesses out in the world through Kickstarter.

I’ve backed 28 projects!

Kickstarter is a site where people solicit funding for their projects or businesses. They post a video of their project, what it is and what will be achieved when they hit their target goal. Each project includes different contribution levels, with incentives/gifts for each level.  People make pledges at whatever incentive level they like. If the project does not garner the dollar amount of pledges in the allotted time, it is not funded. If it meets or surpasses the dollar goal, the pledges are fulfilled.

One’s contribution is not tax deductible. It’s a straight out offer of cash (via credit card) to help people create their dreams, achieve their goals, move them forward on their chosen / created paths.

Contributing to help people achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams is very rewarding.

The incentives are just icing on the cake!

Some of the kickstarter products I've supported.

Some of the kickstarter products I’ve supported.

It’s really quite a clever concept. You invest in someone’s dream. They meet their financial goal. You pay a token amount of money, and then get the “gift” in kind. It may be a handwritten thank you note, the product itself, or the product and other items.  If I invest at a level where I get a product, and I almost always do!, I become an instant promoter.  It’s like I’m an owner of the project owner’s success. It is awesome.

Kristy and Coulter at Quinn Popcorn are in continued contact with their Kickstarter backers. I love getting their emails and hearing how they’re doing, what they’re learning about the food industry, how their business is expanding.

Alexa sends periodic updates about the film festivals in which her movie, Oma and Bella, is showing.

I visit the websites of some of my other Kickstarter projects either to order more of their products (like Savor Sweets – you have got to try their products) or just to see how their business is doing.

If you haven’t supported a Kickstarter project yet, I strongly urge you to do so.

It’s an inexpensive, quick way to help others achieve their dreams. How often do you get a chance to do that?

Here are the projects I’ve backed, in order of my support:

  1. Quinn Popcorn, August 9, 2011
  2. Over Our Heads – Umbrellas for Happy People, August 16, 2011
  3. Savor Sweets, September 4, 2011
  4. Phin & Phebes – Help Us Make More Ice Cream (Funding Unsuccessful) September 6, 2011
  5. Brys & Edgewood Fondant Cake Kits – September 17, 2011
  6. Ai Means Love, September 30, 3011
  7. Spice Mixology – Bringing Unique Spices to the World – October 8, 2011
  8. Oma & Bella, October 23, 2011
  9. Wonder Threads – Clever Laptop and iPad Sleeves – March 5, 2012
  10. The Golden Moth Illumination Deck – March 10, 2012
  11. Smidgen Stick – The Smidgen Measurement System – March 11, 2012
  12. Gremolata & Cancellaresca Milanese – April 14, 2012
  13. Angel Food…Bakers From Hell – April 21, 2012
  14. Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix! (Funding Unsuccessful) – June 2, 2012
  15. Artisan Hand-Painted Yarn – Custom Dyed for You! – June 9, 2012
  16. Crowded Teeth Fancy Stamp Ring – June 13, 2012
  17. The Magnetic calendar – Project Suspended – October 5, 2012*
  18. 15 Songs Every Kid Should Know (and will LOVE!) CD – November 1, 2012
  19. Genki-Su: Japanese Drinking Vinegar – December 15, 2012
  20. SRSLY Chocolate – December 27, 2012
  21. Clotheshorse – Fashion (Funding Unsuccessful) – January 5, 2013
  22. Ring Bracelet (Funding Unsuccessful) – April 29, 2013
  23. Malvi: Redefining the Marshmallow Sandwich – May 15, 2013
  24. Dizmio Wallet: Slim, Small, Minimal – RFID Blocking Wallet – May 17, 2013
  25. Kreate-a-lope – The Fastest Envelope Maker on the Planet! – May 22, 2013
  26. One Screw Loose, Jellies and Jelly Rubs, Spread It On Thick –May 25, 2013
  27. Ian James New York – Uniquely Handcrafted Bags for All – June 15, 2013
  28. Kobe Red -100% Japanese Beer Fed Kobe Beef Jerky  – Project Suspended – June 13, 2013*

* A project may be suspended if it:

• Violates or acts inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the Kickstarter Guidelines or Terms of Use.
• Materially changes the stated use of funds
• Makes unverifiable claims
• Exhibits actions that are more closely associated with fraudulent or high-risk activity

It’s All About Choices

My Food Journey

My Food Journey

I am an advocate of the Real / Traditional Food movement. This means that I endeavor not to eat processed foods or GMO’s, rather sticking to food as it was originally created and prepared before industrialization.

I try not to shudder as my friends eat their low fat low sugar concoctions thinking that they are being healthy.  However, if asked, I will share my point of view.


Nourishing Traditions is the basis of much of my food philosophy, but when I’m looking for a recipe I more often go to cookbooks that were published before fake foods were invented. One of the cookbooks I like is The Blue Book of Cookery by Isabel Cotton Smith, published in 1926.  Inscribed in the front cover: “To Gertrude from Mamma…with the hope that she will bring much pleasure therefrom… April 1927”  Gertrude was my father’s mother. This is a treasure!

Real food includes organic, pasture raised and non-processed foods. I try to avoid gluten and carbs because I feel better when I don’t eat them. I do have organic sugar and dairy and follow the Primal Blueprint lifestyle.  The Primal Blueprint is a spinoff of rules based on how our early ancestors lived. It is a modernized paleo diet and includes lifestyle suggestions. The thing that I don’t like is that it really irks me to have someone remind me of basic things that I should be doing – that I know I should be doing – – – get a daily dose of natural light, move around more, etc.  It annoys me that this has to be part of a plan! But so it goes and so it is. I find that I feel healthier when I follow this program.

My overall message on all this is that you can only do what you can do.  I am convinced that in today’s society it is impossible to be completely organic. I also know that sometimes I eat wheat and other gluten and that it will all work out.  My general motto is that I try to be in charge of what chemicals go in and are around me, and to take it easy if I bend the rules every now and then.

An Honor?

Normally a “Sunday driver,” I have driven around 2,000 miles in the last two weeks.  A week and a half ago, I drove from New York to Charlottesville, Virginia to visit ES for a couple of days.  While I was there, we also drove to Richmond and back.  This past weekend, I drove to Philadelphia to visit a college friend.

I drove entirely different routes in my travels but noticed that both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania highways include a rest stop named for Molly Pitcher.  I wondered if she would have been offended by this legacy.

When I was in elementary school, I voraciously read a series of child biographies. I tried to find them now; this was the closest I came:


Molly Pitcher was the nickname of a woman (Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley) who followed her husband into the Revolutionary War and brought water to the men while they were fighting. Her moment of glory occurred when her husband was injured during a battle, and she took over his spot at the cannon to continue the fight.  She earned a Sergeant’s commission as a result of her heroism and is said to have been honored by George Washington.

While I initially thought that she might have been slighted at the “honor” of these rest stops, I realized that they are actually perfectly fitting!  The rest stops are the modern version of helping people and making sure they’re refreshed.

Now I can put my sarcasm to the side and believe that she would have been pleased with these honors.


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