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2014 Resolutions

Well,  I had high hopes for 2014 and I did very well.

Here are what I resolved to do, and my results:

  • Go to the movies at least two times a month and keep a list – I went to 23 movies. Just missed the goal by 1! I thought that I had seen an abundance of moves until I went to a movie site to see what was released in 2014, and WOW!, so many did not even come to my area for viewing.
  • Read at least two books a month and keep a list.  Surpassed this in leaps and bounds! I went to the library the other day, and realized that I had already read so many of the books in the 2-week section.
  • Finish LD’s sweater (modifying 2013’s goal to include) by the spring – uh, not yet.  She’s going to be a senior in college this year, so I must get it done before she graduates!
  • Curb yarn buying to keep focused on current project (yes, that is laughable…). Yes, I was more restrained.  Yes, I still bought yarn.
  • Clean out house – give things away at least four times this year.  More than 4! Maybe every 6-8 weeks?  Still more to go!
  • Trust yourself and your choices about your well-being (this is a powerful one!)
  • Cry if you want to, but also
  • Allow yourself to be happy – Less crying this year.  More in the moment times.
  • Enjoy your friendships. Yes.

And I’ll add one more that wasn’t from last year:

  • Knit at least 5 projects – Thank goodness for scarves!

My 2014 Movies

Here is a list of the movies I saw in 2014.
TitleMy Rating
Gloria3 Stars - I had seen the previews so had expectations that were not met.
The Monuments Men4 stars - VERY condensed retelling of a true story...the abridged version made it a bit contrived.
Winter's Tale3 stars - what can I say? I'm a romantic at heart.
The Lunchbox5 stars - Loved this movie!
The Grand Budapest Hotel3 stars - amusing, I understand why it won all those Academy Awards based on its clever scenes and costumes.
Le Week-End3 stars - love the scenery, and interesting juxtaposition with the relationship story.
Chef3 stars - a fun movie!
22 Jump StreetNo rating! Just pure silliness, in a good way.
Tammy2 stars. Better than expected!
Life Itself5 stars. This the Roger Ebert documentary was 110% fascinating - about him, his illness, his relationship with Gene Siskel and so, so many movies!
The Hundred Foot Journey4 stars - quite enjoyable and engaging.
The Trip to Italy3 stars - turn off the sound and just watch the view. The story line was extraneous except that it took us to different sights!
My Old Lady5 stars - loved this movie about a man who inherits an apartment in Paris, and the old lady (Maggie Smith!) who lives there.
This is Where I Leave You3 stars - much hyped movie about grown siblings sitting shiva for their father.
St. Vincent5 stars - I loved this movie! My son told me it was a remake of Gran Torino, so he didn't like it. I was still moved.
Whiplash5 stars. INTENSE! Great movie!
The Judge4 stars. Much better than expected. Really, with Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall, I should have had higher expectations! Well done.
Top Five3 stars. I saw this movie after critics rated it as one of the 2014 top movies. It was very good, but went on a little long. But who doesn't love Rosario Dawson?
Addicted1/2 star. The worst movie I saw all year. Contrived. Bad acting. Sad.
Love is Strange4 stars. Heartbreaking story of a gay couple (John Lithgow and Alfred Molina) forced to leave their NYC apartment. Wonderful acting all around.
The One I Love2 stars. Freaky. This movie is like reading a bad book that you still want to finish just to see how it ends..when it thankfully does (end).
The November Man3 stars. Is it bad to mix up Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan when trying to remember who starred in it? (Pierce Brosnan)
Nebraska4 stars. This is the story of a man who gets a Publisher's Clearing House ticket and goes to collect his "winnings." But it's really about a family and relationships.

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