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A Good Trip

I recently went to the Columbus, Ohio area for a business trip.  The most wonderful and often surprising things kept happening.

  1. My flights were on time.
  2. I was able to keep my bags with me and was not forced to check them at the gate.
  3. The Gate Exit area at the hotel had a wonderful Lichtenstein sculpture (Brushstroke) waiting to greet me.
  4. The co-worker that I had arranged to meet at the airport to share a car was also on time, coming from an entirely different area of the country.
  5. I had a wonderful time connecting with a sorority sister whom I had not seen since college.
  6. I got to experience Graeter’s ice cream (black raspberry). Delicious! I am a fan!
  7. The hotel clerk did not gouge me the $4 for a bottle of Fiji water.
  8. I did not get disconnected from my call with Orbitz when I tried to change my flight to an earlier time and was on hold for 5 minutes.
  9. The US Airways person at the counter did not charge me the $75 to change my flight.
  10. Even though my flight was cancelled due to the rain storms in Ohio, I was able to get through to the US Airways emergency line right away and got to choose the flight back the next morning.  As I was getting my things together to leave the airport, I heard an announcement telling people to be patient about getting an attendant on the phone.  Go, me! I didn’t have any issues at all.
  11. I was able to get a hotel room through my company’s travel agency even though other people were told there were no rooms.
  12. I called the hotel shuttle to pick me up at the airport. They said that the shuttle would be there in 10 minutes…and it was!
  13. I asked the bartender/waiter in the hotel restaurant for a water with a lot of lemons, and he actually did it!  I told him I was happy to experience a man who listens.  He just smiled (praying for a good tip?).
  14. The 6:05 AM (ugh) shuttle to the airport was on time.
  15. I was in Zone 1 for boarding.
  16. For both flights!
  17. That made my heart go pitter patter.
  18. Both my return flights were on time.
  19. And then the icing on the cake.  The car service sent a limo instead of a sedan to take me home.  What a treat!

I told the driver about all the good things that had happened to me during the past few days and he advised me to play the lottery.  I reasoned that good things happened when I didn’t ask for them, so I wasn’t going to jinx it by playing the lottery. He urged me to buy a ticket anyway.

I haven’t bought one yet.

But I do have Mah Jongg tonight…big winnings in my future?

(for those who don’t play Mah Jongg, the hand values are under a dollar…)

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