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Knit Wit Living

Knit Wit Living is the perfect name for my life outside of my full time job where I talk the technical jargon that helps make our world go round.
Knit – yes! Really an overarching reach to many crafts, with a current focus on beading – it’s got more immediate gratification over knitting as the projects take less time to complete
Wit – Hopefully you will see the glimpses of my dry sense of humor
Living – Reflected in my food journeys, musing/soap box posts, newfound love for golf and more
And lest it goes unnoticed – the play on words with KnitWit, i.e. nitwit. If you can’t make fun of yourself, you can’t make fun of others!

A little more about me:

  • Best section of the Sunday NY Times – Sunday Styles
  • Favorite candy – chocolate
  • No pets
  • Favorite yarn weight – DK / Sport
  • Favorite bead stitch – tubular herringbone
  • Next Travel destination on the Wish List – Barcelona, though a trip to the Maldives looks fabulous too
  • Favorite color – Gray
  • Favorite yarn color – bright colors and variegated yarns

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