Daylight Savings Time

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Which is worse – adjusting to daylight savings time or recovering from jet lag?

With jet lag, you have the benefit of going or returning from another location. Even if the trip was for work, you were in different surroundings, getting together with different people, and perhaps exploring new venues.

With daylight savings time, you are in the same place with familiar surroundings but your body is totally out of whack.

I don’t know about you, but my body took a beating this year from the switch to daylight savings time. It took me about a week to adjust and it wasn’t pretty.

My body could not grasp that my winding down time in the evening was supposed to start an hour earlier.


It could also not buy into the concept of getting up while it’s a little darker.

So, like with some jet lag, I was going to bed too late and unable to get up on time.

And you would think that working from home would make it easier because I don’t have to deal with a commute.  I can theoretically just roll out of bed and start working.  (involuntarily chuckle!) That is actually not me.  I still get dressed for work even though I’m working remotely.  It puts me in the right mindset.

I still struggled.

But I think I’m over the change. I woke up early today and have even been a bit productive.

I have always enjoyed the longer daylight hours.  And I’m looking forward to after work golf!

More on the topic when we “fall back!”

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