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ES Is Home!

ES is home for a week before the college fall semester begins.

He goes back to school over the weekend and LD goes back in the middle of next week.

It’s been nice having them home.   Each has his or her own way of being at home.  ES has trouble coordinating with his friends, so spends a lot of time with me or his father (which we each enjoy).  LD has juggled multiple jobs, time with friends, and her daily naps throughout the summer. She deigns to spend time with me when she needs to go shopping for school items, or when I will take her out for dinner.  I think we even managed to find a movie time that worked for both of us.

Hey! I’ll take their company and attention however we manage it.

However…It will also be nice to have them back at school, pushing toward their futures.

They each make this mother proud.

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