Fair Isle Inspirations #2

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2014-01-02 11.00.13

I had ordered prints of many of my Fair Isle inspiration photos awhile back and wanted to put some of them in a collage frame. When I went shopping, I realized that collage frames are not for me.  They’re too restrictive, and don’t have the cut-out size options I wanted.  On one hand, I could take it to the extreme and design my own mat openings, but….let’s be realistic!  So I came up with a better solution.

2014-01-02 10.41.59-2

I bought a simple frame, and some black wrapping paper.

2014-01-02 10.53.33

I took the cardboard that came with the frame and covered it with the paper. (I wrapped it like a gift at the edges, folding and taping facing flaps, then created a triangle at the corners of the open edges before folding and taping them in.)

And then I had to decide my “most inspirational” photos.

2014-01-02 10.57.35-2 2014-01-02 10.57.25-1

So many choices!

Of course nothing is set in stone so I can switch them out as needed, or even purchase and set up more frames.

The final products below. I love them both!

2014-01-02 10.48.44-1
I love the detailing in these photos!
2014-01-02 10.45.43-1
I must confess that I like this one the best!

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