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Iodine Cowl

I recently finished the Iodine Cowl, recommended on the Neighborhood Fiber site for two of their yarns, Loft and Chromium.   Neighborhood Fiber names their yarns based on Baltimore neighborhoods. In this case, the Loft is Patterson Park and the Chromium is Victorian Village.

Iodine Cowl

Loft is a mohair silk blend and Chromium is a silk and stainless steel blend.  They’re both lace weight, and the cowl is knit on size 7 needles.

I did have a great deal of difficulty with the Chromium constantly getting knotted. I don’t know if it would have been different if I had wound it into a skein versus a ball.  The cowl took longer to complete than expected because I had to stop several times to un-knot the yarn, not an easy feat.

The cowl itself is a series of stripes alternating the yarn by first doing the two together, then one the next and so on.  I haven’t blocked it yet, but still wanted to share my results!

Here you can see the different stitch structures dependent upon the yarn material.  At top is the mix of the two, thicker and stronger than the other stripes, then the Chromium, which is much stiffer, then the softness of the Loft.  It really is a brilliant pattern to utilize these yarns.

Iodine Cowl

Here’s a full length view before I bound off. The bottom did start turning up, but I expect it to resolve itself after blocking.

Iodine Cowl

Here’s how it lies when it’s worn.

Iodine Cowl

Iodine Cowl

It’s nice because it’s a warm yarn, but using a larger needle makes the cowl a very light wrap around my neck.


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