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Lapis Lazuli is one of my favorite stones. It’s a little surprising to me because it is not sparkly or “blingy.” There is something solid and steady in its blueness.

I purchased these wavy-cut lapis beads back in 2017.


No clear idea on how to use them… Maybe use these contrasting gold beads to make a necklace?


Add other lapis colored glass beads, mixed shaped lapis and white coral beads as part of the design strategy.

They’ve all been sitting on my desk for 5 years. (Fusion Beads has gone out of business during the pandemic. I am dating myself, and this bead purchase, by showing their label.)

Sometimes it takes time for the right inspiration to come along

Other bead artists have shared on social media that they are also stalled on design ideas. 

Someone recently posted a finished project on a Facebook beading group, with a reference to Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork book.

Light bulb moment!

I ordered the book, and endeavored to try each variation, thinking this would be the key to using those beads.


I’m not quite sure what the final product(s) will be, but I am really liking this direction.


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