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I just finished two books this week that had “magical” elements in them. It was totally by chance and unintentional.

This morning I was thinking, “what is up with that?”

“Maybe I am ready to open my horizons to new possibilities?”

The first was Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez. This book is about two people who happen to meet, happen to have a monogomous dating non-relationship, and the circumstances around them create opportunities for them to spend time together. I am purposely being vague as I don’t want any spoiler alerts.

The second was One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle about a young woman whose mother dies before they could go on a trip to Positano together. She decides to go anyway and see what her mother had raved about. Not a spoiler alert – quick read – 200 or so pages, large print, small pages – I read it in about an hour. Still, for me, it was wonderful revisiting Positano and experiencing someone else’s healing there, as I had experienced too.

Since I read One Italian Summer in an afternoon, I actually read these two books in three days. Zippity doo dah – way to get to my 1,000 pages a month reading goal. Not there yet, but awfully close and it’s still the first week of the month!

But back to being open to magical possibilities. Why the hell not?

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