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Next! refers to meeting someone on a date and realizing that there’s no interest in a second encounter.

If you ask someone how their date went, and the reply is “Next!,” that’s the end of the conversation. Enough said.

Often one can avoid the effort for a “Meet and Greet” just by having a brief conversation on the dating app.

In order to get to that brief texting conversation on the app, one has to get through the profile and deem it suitable for pursuing.

  • Why does he have to post a picture posing without a shirt? Does he think I’m that shallow that I need to see that? Or does he want to be with someone who thinks that’s the most important aspect?
  • I can’t see his face in any of the photos.
  • He looks so old for his (our) age.
  • For me, one of the worst offenses: he has a typo in his summary. Hasn’t he heard of spell check?
  • Right wing/leaning left differences
  • I’m looking for a God-fearing woman

Oh, so many reasons to PASS on a profile.

Here is what prompted this post.

Next! I stopped this converation from continuing.

One. He doesn’t get sarcasm.

Two. He has no idea on how to have a conversation with me.

Three. He doesn’t read?

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