Orange is the New Black

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Orange is the New Black

Orange is the new Black.

I am addicted to this show.

I just started watching it two days ago and I’ve seen 5 episodes already.

Should I be admitting that?

This is a new series on Netflix where they release all the shows in one season all at once.  I like to watch shows like that. I usually DVR a series so I can watch at least two episodes at a time.

I think this habit started with LOST. I started watching it in its third season when I got the first two seasons on DVD and was HOOKED.  I don’t understand how anyone can be happy watching one episode per week.

The sad part is when the current season is ending and I have to wait months to see what happens next.  Sometimes I won’t watch the finale of the previous season until the next season is about to begin.

Does anyone else do this?


  1. I love to “binge watch” a good show! This all started with a DVD of the first season of “24!” Since then, I’ve done this with “Downton Abbey,” “True Blood” and others too numerous to name! I’m not shy about admitting that I LOVE TV!

  2. I am amused by your use of the word “binge,” as I was thinking of the word “savor” while I was writing!
    I will have to get your full list of show recommendations to support this habit!

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