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Currently into Necklaces

Currently, I am not a bracelet or earring maker. Necklaces are my thing. When you come from knitting, where it takes longer to complete a project, a necklace seems easy!  I still have the time to watch the necklace come into being and express its true essence, yet the results come faster than a scarf.

I am going to start sharing my work! Starting here and now.  I’ve also decided to sell these unique pieces.  There are no two alike – I make them up as I go and I hate repeating any work, so each one is really one of a kind!  This post shows more of the stringing collection, though some contain woven components. I am finding that my affinity is toward woven pieces, although sometimes they end up looking strung!  I really love the creativity this craft allows.

Whimsy Necklace
I love the juxtaposition of the pink and the black, with the asymmetrical placement of the flowers. This is fun but can also be worn with a suit or more business-oriented outfit.
Black & Pink glass beads
Brass beads
Resin flower beads
Magnetic clasp
46″, for sale at $65
Also fun to wear doubled with the clasp in front.


Red and Turquoise Tube Necklace
The red beads are strung through the acrylic tubes, making people stop to take a closer look. The combination of red and turquoise is very attractive, and is diverse enough that it can be worn with a multitude of colors.
Vintage acrylic ridged tubes
Striped acrylic accent beads
Preciosa red glass beads
Graduated turquoise colored glass beads
Toggle clasp
17″, for sale at $65


Stone Me in Green
Moss agate is a stone of new beginnings – also called the “gardener’s stone” due to its mystical properties of helping ensure a full crop.
Stringing woven components is a style that I want to continue to pursue. I also like combining the stones with the beads. There are so many alternatives out there, really, the only limit is one’s imagination!
Moss agate stones
Woven glass beads
Stone clasp
18″, for sale at $85

Pink Bliss
This is a true conglomeration of different jewelry making styles! There are two different kinds of weaving, plus stringing, plus the use of vintage materials. The Ex remarked that the different directions boggle his mind, but they just make me smile.
Vintage acrylic accent beads
Woven glass beads
Barrel clasp
16 1/2″, for sale at $125


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2 thoughts on “Currently into Necklaces

  1. My favorite is still the first necklace shown. Love that shade of pink with the black and the design!

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