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Early note for New Year’s Resolutions

I am admittedly into New Year resolutions.

Sometimes the better resolutions come to mind before (or after?!) January!

I found this in some notations I had made over the summer:

I am going to be true to myself, keep my eyes open, and be open to possibilities.

Food for thought as the new year approaches.


I woke up this morning thinking about how to reframe last year’s resolutions, most specifically the resolution to finish my current knitting project before starting a new one.  That resolution didn’t turn out so well, as I have not yet completed LD’s cardigan, and thus prevented myself from doing any other projects.

So maybe I need to be more specific this year. “Finish LD’s sweater.” Or even “Finish LD’s sweater before the spring.”

Which somehow got me thinking about the Jetsons.  How many of the items in their theme song are actually true these days? Of course, as one up to the challenge at 8 AM, and giving me a chance to put my 2014 Resolutions on the divergent thinking path for awhile, I decided to do a little research.

NO – Live in Space, (My All-Time Favorite when the) Vehicle folds up into a briefcase, Robot Housekeeper, Helicopter Family Vehicle, Drop people at their destinations by having them float down in a capsule, Teenage daughter giving her dad a goodbye hug when being dropped off at school, Moving sidewalk into apartment, Chair automatically appears behind you when you get home from work, Son giving dad his slippers, Daughter giving dad his pipe, (Teenage) daughter giving dad a welcome home from work kiss, Dog going on a treadmill, Cat going on a treadmill.

MAYBE, depending on your family/perspective – Father – Breadwinner, Mother spending all day at the mall, Mother taking most of dad’s money, Family taking teenage daughter to high school, Family greeting dad home from work, kids bring lunch from home, drop kid off at elementary school.

YES – Treadmill for exercise, Robot vacuum cleaner, Standard Family of 4, Pet dog, Moving sidewalk (or escalator/elevator) into office building, highrise apartments, Taking dog for a walk, Dog chasing a cat.

What other mindless activities can I do while I don’t think about Resolutions?

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