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The Poncho / Ruana is Complete

The Poncho that took me over a year to knit is finished!  It’s not really a poncho, but a ruana – a free form cardigan, perhaps.

I made it for a friend, at her request.

She kept asking me if she had overstepped the friendship line by asking me to make it. I did not, and do not, feel that she had, even if it took longer than she expected.

When I accepted the request, I should have said – if I did not say it – I am not a prolific knitter. I do not knit quickly.  I knit in my spare time, and balance it with my other spare time activities.  Perhaps I did not make this clear.

Regardless.  The ruana is done. Delivered to its owner.  Who told me she likes it.

Here it is.

3 different yarns knit together to make its own fabric.


My friend picked the yarn (and was taken aback at how expensive yarn can be). I merely knit it.  And then sewed the pieces together.






(And I’m ready to knit something else now.)

Or is it…what I’m NOT knitting now?

For awhile now, I’ve thought about doing a monthly post of “What’s on my needles?” to capture my current project.  Sounds like a fabulous idea especially since then I would be embarrassed (perhaps) about having the same project show up month after month.  And it would give me the focus to do a variety of projects, unlike my just ended crocheted-scarf-stint, where I completely finished, washed and mailed 3 scarves to LD in college, and I also made 1 for me.  I got so bored by the end that I didn’t even take pictures or jot down the wool, or put it on my Ravelry account.

But as I was sitting and thinking about this post, I took a look around my house, and thought maybe I should do a piece on what I’m NOT knitting.  Oh my! I have so many projects lined up, plus the fabulous Lorna’s Laces Honor Sochi yarn in the mail, that the NOT definitely counts up to more than the NOW.

The photos include the Sochi yarn, other skeins bought last year, my stash/supplies closet, the beige bulky I purchased last month, and other odd projects vying for my attention.

What’s on my needles now?

A knit lace scarf using the fingering weight yarn from my VKL Gala Dinner Swag Bag:

2014-02-25 19.19.36

A new Intermediate level crochet scarf with some of the bulky yarn from last month. I am on the fence about this pattern but am waiting until I finish a complete pattern round before deciding what to do.

2014-02-25 19.18.00

And I’ve also gotten the itch to not only work on but Finish, with a capital F, LD’s cardigan, showing the sleeves below…and that I am switching out the orange detail for white.

2014-02-25 19.20.21

What’s NOT on your needles?


LD and I traveled to our family reunion over the weekend and of course I took my knitting.

My mother asked about my project and I showed her the pattern.

Cardigan Components

LD asked what color the detail would be. Before I could answer, she said, “I hope it’s not going to be orange.  I won’t wear it.’  I didn’t reply.

Here are my choices:

  1. Make it orange anyway
  2. Make it another color
  3. Show her the orange and discuss it with her
  4. Make it another color, like gray, but keep the orange glitter thread with it that I was going to use with the orange

I still have some time to decide.

Right now, I’m at #4, but I may actually end up at #3 and then do #4 if she truly believes she won’t wear the orange.

I really want her to wear the orange and blue sweater, and then pass it down to her daughter in 30 years.  That will be part of my #3 strategy.

16 3/4″ – or Sixteen Inches and counting…

It’s been the longest sixteen and three quarter inches I’ve encountered in a while – the length to knit in one color, on size 1 needles, for LD’s one piece cardigan, until I reach the design part of the pattern.

I’m working on the Drops Glitter cardigan in midnight blue with the accent in orange, her school colors.  I figure I have to finish it while she’s in school so at least she’ll wear it. Of course, my hope is that she’ll wear it so much it’ll become her favorite “just throw on a sweater” type sweater so that by the time she graduates and is off on her own, she’ll just pick it up and wear it without thinking.

Cardigan Components

When I first got back to knitting, I only knit, mostly tops,  for myself.  Then I knit the Diva Shawl for a friend and the Lacy Stole for my mother.  Last year I knit a lot of hats, for other people.  I fell in love with the Anemone hat and knit 4 of them, and gave them all away.  I didn’t knit one for myself because I couldn’t decide on the color! Finally, someone suggested that I knit them in different colors for myself.  Great idea! I loved it!  But then along came this Glitter cardigan and the vow to finish it before anything else…

And here I am….back at 16 and ¾ inches.  The last 1 inch seems to be the hardest…

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