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7 years

It’s been 7 years since DDSO passed away. His estate was finally closed last month. I received a holiday card from his son and his son’s girlfriend, and that made me really happy.

I was reading the Sunday NY Times today and seemed to gravitate toward the articles about love and loss. Or maybe there were just more of them because of the new year. I find myself less

  • angry
  • annoyed
  • disdainful
  • impatient

with other people’s losses.

I have come to learn that – – –

  • Everyone’s relationships are different
  • Everyone’s loss is different
  • Who am I to judge
  • I don’t expect people to understand me / my loss, but I would like them to listen when and if I want to share

I can be happy and sad simultaneously

It started with a Barnes & Noble coupon

I noted a book I wanted to read in my Goodreads app.

I went to the bookstore with a 20% off coupon and looked for the book.

Since the coupon only applied to physical books, I needed to buy an actual book, not an electronic one.

The book I wanted by Liane Moriarty was not in stock, but there were other titles available.

I bought The Hypnotist’s Love Story instead of The Husband’s Secret.

41Nda6ZJQ-L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_The Hypnotist’s Love Story is about a woman hypnotherapist who falls in love with a widower, who is being stalked by an ex-girlfriend.  The character development of the male figures was a little flat, but the overall story was still able to keep my interest.  I discovered that I really related to the stalker!  I’m betting you’re surprised – that you would’ve thought I’d say the widower. The Book Club Reader’s Guide at the back of the book focused on the grieving, and on the widower. I really felt that the stalker was going through more grieving than the widower.

I don’t like when people write about or review books and they ruin the story for future readers, so I’m not going to go into much detail here.  However…

My last post was about closing the door, how things must come to an end. I realized today that a lot of my movement in this area came from reading this book, and empathizing with the ex-girlfriend.  While I was not put in a trance by the hypnotherapist, I did receive some food for thought from her therapy.

I originally started writing this post by saying I am not a believer that things happen for a reason.  If God does exist, I would think that he/she/it has more important things to take care of than my healing process.  But on the other hand,

….a 20% off coupon?

….the original book not in stock?

….my persistence in treating myself to a new book?

I am only kidding. I think these question marked thoughts are very trivial.  I still don’t believe things happen for a reason. I think everyone takes whatever meaning they can from what happens in life.  And if you can make something good out of it, all the better.

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