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Procrastination Counts

Procrastination Counts

I am a procrastinator.

I like the process of planning things.

I like the process of doing things; I’m not that interested in the finished product.

I like beginnings but not endings.

I think these innate traits make me a natural procrastinator.

Procrastination Counts


Lately, I’ve been wondering how many times do I need to think about doing something before I’ll actually do it.

Like, empty the dishwasher, take the garbage out, move the papers to the recycle bin (ugh, all cleaning activities!).

Procrastination Counts

Before, the count (of how many times do I…) was a solid 5.

Now, it’s about 3.

The other day, it was actually 1!


Fermented Cucumbers

The longest and most time consuming step in making fermented cucumbers is procrastination! It is so easy to ferment vegetables that it is almost a crime to buy them.  I do love the mild kimchi made and distributed by the Sanjas brand, but kick myself every time I buy it because I just know how easy it is make on my own.

Fermented vegetables and other fermented foods, like ginger ale, kombucha, etc. aid in digestion and are probiotic. I was thinking about how my grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ diets often included pickles and sauerkraut. Undoubtedly for the same reason that I appreciate my fermented salads. They taste good, and help with digestion. Who could ask for more?!

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The primary ingredients to make fermented cucumbers are really simple:

  • cucumbers
  • salt
  • water

Then I also add:

  • garlic
  • dill
  • pickling spices (I buy pre-mixed from Penzey’s)
  • horseradish leaf – this is supposed to keep the cucumbers more crunchy.  I’ve also seen recipes that use oak leaf for this purpose.

Mix the salt, about 2 tbsp depending upon how many cucumbers you have, with hot water and let it dissolve.

Put the horseradish leaf, dill, garlic and pickling spice at the bottom of the jar.

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It is my experience both with utilizing the jar most effectively and creating the right pickle serving size that it is better to cut the cucumbers.  I usually try to slice them on the diagonal lengthwise, unless they have a wider circumference – then I get a little more creative in splitting them.

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For lack of a better word, I then cram the sliced cucumbers in my mason jars, packing them in as tightly as I can, leaving a little bit of space below the part of the jar with the screw threads.

I did add some coconut vinegar into each jar this time. I’ve never done that before, but thought it might add some additional tangy taste. Vinegar is also helpful during the fermenting process, but is not necessary. For the large jar I put about a tablespoonful and for the quart jar I used about a teaspoon.

Fill the jar 3/4s of the way with the salt water.  Add warm water to finish.  Make sure the pickles (to be) are completely immersed in water.  Screw on the lid and put away for a week.

And here’s the best tip that I can share.

Fermented cucumbers

Write on the calendar when to check them.  I need the reminder one week later!  I will not remember otherwise! (Note: it’s okay if you leave them longer, they just get more sour.) Place in refrigerator when they reach the taste you like.

Or is it…what I’m NOT knitting now?

For awhile now, I’ve thought about doing a monthly post of “What’s on my needles?” to capture my current project.  Sounds like a fabulous idea especially since then I would be embarrassed (perhaps) about having the same project show up month after month.  And it would give me the focus to do a variety of projects, unlike my just ended crocheted-scarf-stint, where I completely finished, washed and mailed 3 scarves to LD in college, and I also made 1 for me.  I got so bored by the end that I didn’t even take pictures or jot down the wool, or put it on my Ravelry account.

But as I was sitting and thinking about this post, I took a look around my house, and thought maybe I should do a piece on what I’m NOT knitting.  Oh my! I have so many projects lined up, plus the fabulous Lorna’s Laces Honor Sochi yarn in the mail, that the NOT definitely counts up to more than the NOW.

The photos include the Sochi yarn, other skeins bought last year, my stash/supplies closet, the beige bulky I purchased last month, and other odd projects vying for my attention.

What’s on my needles now?

A knit lace scarf using the fingering weight yarn from my VKL Gala Dinner Swag Bag:

2014-02-25 19.19.36

A new Intermediate level crochet scarf with some of the bulky yarn from last month. I am on the fence about this pattern but am waiting until I finish a complete pattern round before deciding what to do.

2014-02-25 19.18.00

And I’ve also gotten the itch to not only work on but Finish, with a capital F, LD’s cardigan, showing the sleeves below…and that I am switching out the orange detail for white.

2014-02-25 19.20.21

What’s NOT on your needles?

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