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Crochet Confessional

2013-12-31 20.15.22 Over Thanksgiving break, LD asked me to make her an infinity scarf.

Be still my heart! My daughter is actually requesting I make something for her! (She is very, very picky and our tastes are totally different, so her request means she’s placing some amount of trust in me that we will be on the same page of what she wants or needs.)

I had her log into Ravelry to find a pattern, and she picked two possibilities. Both crochet!

Rather than say no, I took a deep breath, bought the patterns, some yarn, and a Crochet instructional book.  I was able to order these online as there were two weeks before she would be coming home again for Winter Break.

I decided upon the Signature Infinity Scarf by the Crochet Designer “Don’t Get It Twisted.”


Now that she’s home for Winter Break, LD has been busy making gifts for her Sorority “Little” and had to run to the local crafts store, where she also bought the crochet hook for me.  She’s home from school for 3 1/2 weeks, so I’d better learn how to crochet and make this scarf.

And I did!

I was about 75% through when I realized the pattern called for Super Bulky weight, and I had purchased Bulky weight. Ah, well, life goes on.

Are you sitting down? I’ve finished the project….and LD loves it…and is wearing it! (to counterbalance the “Mom, this house is sooo cold” attitude.)

Of course, she wouldn’t pose for the camera, so here I am, enjoying it so much that I’m contemplating making one for myself!

2014-01-01 13.46.57

Hard to smile when performing a selfie. But still nice & warm, and I want one! Just need to decide … what color?  …and here we go, again…

Knitting Patterns! Chart vs. Text

Knitting Patterns: Chart vs. Text

Corrected Pattern - Errata

Corrected Pattern – Errata

Knitting patterns are usually presented either in text or in a chart, or both.  I’m sure each Designer or Pattern Writer has his or her own individual preference, as does each Knitter.

Lion Brand Pattern

I do like charts for patterns with colorwork/intarsia, and have even created a few. I find charts very easy to follow, and I just cross off each row as I finish it.  Working a charted color pattern in the round is extremely easy as you don’t have to think about what direction of the chart to follow. You just keep going in the same direction, and only knit too. Very simple!  Going back and forth is not really that complicated, you just have to pay more attention. Follow the row in one direction for the knit row and back the other direction in the purl row.  It makes total sense (which doesn’t necessarily mean that mistakes aren’t made!).

I made a scarf for a friend, and knit in her initials.

PePL 2013-11-29 15.47.15

I used the Tricksy Knitter free online tool to make the pattern.  I made the design small so it was easy to follow (and didn’t overwhelm the scarf).

I have a photograph from a trip to Mexico that I want to make an enlarged pattern of for a sweater.  This too should be fairly simple once I decide how detailed I want it.

2013-11-29 15.50.28 Mexico Flavors

I recently started a new cabled cowl pattern (Shhh! Don’t tell my daughter as her cardigan is still not complete) that has the both text and charted instructions. Craftsy Cowl Knit A LongFor me, I find that instructions for cable stitches are better off clearly written.

Cable Pattern

I cannot really remember the abbreviations used in the text format, but the charts just leave me dumbfounded!  I consider myself a visual person, but do not have the strength or desire to keep remembering the differences of the stroke angles to distinguish cable needle in front versus cable needle in back.

If the pattern is a color chart WITH a cable, then I will sometimes just write the cable instructions near the chart so that I don’t have to keep turning the instructions back and forth.

Isn’t this one of the many things that is just so great about knitting? Everyone has their own preference and way of doing things. Someone can suggest a different way to do it, and then you can decide what works for you.  Pretty much like life, but you also get to play with yarn!

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