Takeout Coffee Cups

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What is it about takeout coffee cups? For me, the coffee just tastes better in a paper cup with a plastic lid. Am I brainwashed by the extra expense to buy a coffee as opposed to making my own? No! I even prefer my own coffee in a takeout cup.

My coffee tastes better than one I can buy. During the pandemic I have evolved into a coffee-ista. Is there any easier way to pamper myself than making a delicious cup of coffee?

It also appeals to my frugal side. A dollar for an espresso vs what I would pay at a storefront. So much less!

takeout coffee cups

I’ll admit that I may have gone overboard in my coffee prep area. This is…

  • An Illy machine
  • A Nespresso machine
  • A Braun multiple-size/coffee prep machine
  • A hand-held frother
  • A pitcher size heater/frother

Choices are the spice of life!

But back to the takeout coffee cups.

takeout coffee cups

I reuse them often at home, just rinsing out between servings.

I can’t figure out the answer as to why I enjoy drinking out of them so much.

Let me go make a cup of coffee to ponder this…………(and guess what I’ll be drinking it from?!)

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