The IRS…has got it going on!

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I had to call the IRS today. I had called earlier in the week but without all the correct information to get through the automated system, so I was prepared this time. I had the information; I also knew there would be a long wait time so I had enough time to stay on the line.

I was on hold for 46 minutes!  I know you’re thinking “only the government can get away with that!” or “there’s our tax dollars hard at work!”  But since I was prepared for a long wait time, I wasn’t annoyed.

I put my headset on so I could multi-task, and just let the music play in the background.  After awhile, I thought – that music sounds familiar. What is it?  And I paid attention to it…it was the exact same music that they play during a massage!

How f**king brilliant!  Someone at the IRS has a clue!

When the representative finally came on, I was relaxed and pleasant and appreciative of her help.

I must say I am impressed.

(And now I’m also making plans for a massage!)

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