Travel during the Pandemic

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Is it possible to travel during the Pandemic? Do you think people are crazy to go places?

Well, I live in Florida, and it seems that many people here think that the coronavirus will only impact others. I am stressed when I am outside and see people walking around, passing strangers on the sidewalk, and not wearing a mask!

 The only logical decision was to go away!

Travel During the Pandemic
At the airport…during the pandemic!


The Tampa airport experience was terrific. Everyone was wearing a mask, there was hand sanitizer available at every step and people were respectful of each other’s space. Every other seat at each gate was blocked off to remind people to sit apart.

We changed planes in Denver. Wow! This was a pre-Covid experience. A lot of people do travel during the pandemic, especially through Denver!  There was no social distancing, people were cavalier about wearing a mask, and it was very crowded. Luckily I was there for a 40-minute layover and did not allow myself to get too stressed.

We landed in Salt Lake City, to spend a month in Utah. This is my first time here! It reminds me of a cross-between Tuscany and Arizona. Some of the mountainscapes remind me of the trees lining the Tuscany landscape while much of the color scheme is reminiscent of Arizona.

Either way, it’s beautiful. Here are some photos from the local (i.e. municipal) golf course.

And [mostly] everyone here wears a mask! If it weren’t for my company’s policy to work remotely, I probably would not have the chance to come.  Travel during the pandemic…worthwhile!

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