Virtual vs. Physical

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I know we live in a technological age, but does anyone else feel how odd/amazing it is to pass information along through thin air?

Last night I was sitting in the cozy blue chair in my bedroom, downloading books to my Nook.  It was amazing that I was sitting there, in my nightgown, buying and downloading books.  Then I borrowed an audio book from my local library. This was not the first time I had loaded up my Nook before a vacation.

And it occurred to me that I don’t even have to do this before I go away. If I don’t like a book, I can return it, or just get a new one – even from my local library! – when I’m 4,000 miles from home.

It was so overwhelming that I had to get up and roll a ball of yarn and do something tangible, that I could touch and see and feel.

Virtual vs. Physical

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