Welcome back!

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Greetings! Welcome to my new site! 

I have been away way too long. This welcome back is for both you and me!

To catch you up, here is my current status, albeit in the pandemic

  • I am now living in Tampa
  • I’m lucky to be able to work from home and for the same technical full-time job that I’ve had all along
  • I’m spending time beading
  • Thank goodness golf is inherently social distancing and I can get out and play!
  • My reading is flourishing, except when I’m amusing myself with these other activities
  • I’m not going out except to the supermarket, the golf course or essential (beauty or) doctor appointments
  • And even though I’m in Florida where people don’t seem to understand, I am absolutely wearing a mask when I do go out
  • Being home so much has made me extremely thankful for the internet and air-conditioning!
  • I am tired of binge-watching so just try to keep up with the shows that I record each week.

Blog Goals

My intention is to have 4 main plus 1 catch-all category to reflect my current passions.

  1. Crafts – beading endeavors, yarn purchases and more! If I actually finish a knitting project I will also include the details!
  2. Reading – I am in a great book club these days and have reorganized my To Read list. 
  3. Golf – not very good but I still love it!
  4. Oysters – I have not had much opportunity for oysters lately – only once since the shutdown! Whenever I have raw oysters I post them on Instagram. I have received feedback that I should provide commentary or ratings, so I’m going to add it here.
  5. Catch-all for other musings
more oysters to come!





  1. It’s been so long! And you are in Fla now..how did that come about?
    I haven’t done any beadwork the past year and a very little knitting
    Happy to hear you are well and looking forward to hearing more from you

    • Hi Donna, good to hear from you! I moved to FL after the kids flew from the nest! I was able to keep the same job, so it was a no-brainer decision!

  2. Someone just this week suggested I create some professional and/or crafting content – I am following you now and perhaps you will inspire me! PS Good talking with you last night!

    • I look forward to when we can safely get together and have a crafting evening. I guess if I wanted to knit, we could do that now, but it might be difficult to bead outdoors!

  3. Love the page. Welcome back. You are more involved and busier with nonwork activities than I can conceive of and I am retired! Hope to get to see you soon…soon as FL is off the quarantine list for NY.

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