Whole30 Six Month Report

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Here’s my Whole30 six month report.  I did not step on a scale before I started and have not stepped on one since.  I didn’t want to make this a numbers game.  That really messes with my head and I just wanted to focus on how I felt.

  1. My Golf Game is Better
  2. My Clothing Fits Better
  3. I am More Focused
  4. No More (Real) Cravings
  5. I am Sleeping Better

Whole30 Six Month Report

My Golf Game is Better

Well, first, let’s not get carried away.  When I say my golf game is better, I am not saying that I am good yet.  Just to be clear.  I still need more lessons and even more practice.  But my swing is better, I can focus more, and my putting is better.  Since my body is changing its shape it is easier to swing and position the putter.  Yes, there’s still a lot to think about and not think about it (part of playing golf is not overthinking it, and not having your thoughts get in the way of your game) but my body seems to be more flexible and less in the way.

My Clothing Fits Better

I do not really pay that much attention to clothing. I have a fairly scant wardrobe and am not a clothes horse.  However, one of my body size gauges is my work badge that I wear in the office.  I wear it on a lanyard around my neck.  My varying body weights have had it closer up, where I could just position my breasts near the badge swipe box and then open the doors. Nowadays, the badge hangs lower on my body so I know that my body has been changing.

I’ve also noticed that many of my necklaces hang lower than when I first made them.

Whole30 Six Month Report

I mostly wear dresses and recently tried on one in the size the next step down the other day at a store…and it fit!  I also tried one on in my Whole30 starting size, and it was way too big.  I can still get away with wearing my existing wardrobe, so it’s not a drastic change – which I also like.  Slow and steady.

I am More Focused

I have reported on this before.   Again, don’t get me wrong, I still like to waste time and just process thoughts while playing Candy Crush or some other “mindless” activity.  However, now when I’m thinking about procrastinating a simple task I just decide to do it instead of thinking about it a zillion times before I “cave in” and get it done.  Like, putting away my shoes, or emptying the dishwasher. Non-consequential tasks that would have otherwise clogged my thinking. I get things done faster now, and then have time to do the more enjoyable activities, like reading, beading, knitting, and golf.

No More (Real) Cravings

(Real) refers to yes, sometimes I think about having that cupcake with copious amounts of frosting (or really, just the cup of frosting).  But it’s not a craving – more of a remember how much (I thought) I enjoyed that?  I step off the Whole30 for a variety of items here and there (primarily cocktails), but then come running back to the structure and stability of the Whole30.  Every now and then I allow myself some gluten, then suffer through joint inflammation mentally kicking myself for it.  Sugar makes me bite my nails.  Cheese makes me all mucus-y. I don’t even enjoy legumes. I am thankful that potatoes are allowed. I relish food texture, and potatoes allow for the chewing consistency that I would otherwise miss with grains.

Whole30 Six Month Report
The prosecco is #NOTWhole30.

Every now and again, I will put aside the wonderful raw oysters and sashimi and treat myself to sushi.  It’s good, but not necessary all that often.

I Am Sleeping Better

While my mind is more active at bedtime, I am sleeping through the night.  I have started wearing a sleeping mask to block out the light and make myself focus on quiet and darkness at night.  Since I am not consuming dairy, my throat is not bogged with phlegm and I am sleeping straight through the night.  Wow, maybe that should have been the first item because that contributes to everything else.




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