Car dilemma

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My 10 year-old car broke down twice over the summer, It was the same reason both times where three hoses became disconnected. The mechanics just reconnected the hoses the first time. Obviously, in retrospect, that was not the correct solution. The valve was replaced the second time. The car has been working fine since then. However, my mental state was not fine. I was anxious every time I had to drive somewhere.

Out with the old!

It has been confining but managable. With the ongoing pandemic restrictions, it has not been too much of a hassle to not go to many places. Since I live in a downtown area, Uber/Lyft and some public transportation has also been available. But still! I should not be anxious every time I need to go somewhere.

I bought a new car last week! It only had 13 miles!

A friend has been visiting and has been using my car. The old one and then the new one.

As is my nature, I have been keeping track of the miles. I mean, it’s a new car! It started with 13 miles! Less than a week later, it now has over 250! Yes, I went some of the places in it, but not all.

He thinks I am being unrealistic, telling me “a car is meant to be driven.” I do agree, and I did agree for him to use my car, but at the same time – that is an exponential amount of driving!

He just borrowed my car again this morning, and I told him not to add too many miles. “I just don’t understand your thinking,” he said. “A car is meant to be driven.” “Yes!” I replied. “But by me!”

Those should be MY miles.

It’s such a precarious perch. I want to be generous but I also want the miles on my car to be mine.

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