Goodbye 2020

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Goodbye 2020

Everyone is saying goodbye to 2020 with the attitude that everything about it was bad. I disagree. As an introvert where spending too much time with people is taxing, 2020 had its good points.

  • I was able to work remotely from Park City for 5 weeks. Prior to the pandemic, my company would never have allowed this…even though I had no immediate co-workers in my office location.
  • I had regular zoom calls with sorority sisters from all over the country. We’ve been able to pick up from where we left off and strengthen our friendships.
  • Similarly, my family had several zoom calls which we had not done much before the pandemic.
  • I had no internal nor external pressure to go do something instead of staying at home.
  • My golf game vastly improved.
  • Other long-distance college friends and I have had some virtual happy hours, which, almost certainly, would not have taken place without the pandemic
  • I read a lot
  • I started knitting again
  • I’m able to bead more
  • There’s less juggling of what to do in my spare time at home and I can focus without feeling pulled from another activity
  • I get to see more people at work due to video conference calls, with individual cameras instead of a camera in a conference room
  • After missing the first month, my book club now uses zoom to keep our regular schedule and discussions.  One member moved away and we’re able to keep her in the book club since we’re meeting online.  Another friend joined from Michigan even though the book club is in Tampa!

Not bad. I will admit that I also miss pre-pandemic life:

  • Travel!
  • Going out with friends
  • Trying new restaurants
  • The benefit of working in the office is that it’s near 2 golf courses – I miss playing golf after work
  • Idle chit-chat in the office
    I’m not going anywhere without a mask
  • Walking around outside without getting annoyed that people aren’t wearing masks
  • Making a quick worry-free trip to the mall or grocery store
  • Not weighing every activity on its potential health risk.

Goodbye, 2020. I will remember some of you with fondness and appreciation.

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones during this period or who have suffered from Covid-19 and/or its impacts on our economy, and are facing difficulties.

I am also extremely happy and thankful that my family, friends and I are here to usher in the new year.

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