Not Spending Money

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I have a goal this month. Some might interpret it as SAVING money, but for me it’s NOT Spending Money.

Is there a difference?

Well, I think the end result is the same but the mindset is different.

It’s not about building up my bank account as the goal.

It’s about having a lower credit card bill.

In the end, there WILL be more money in my bank account.

And that’s because I’ll have a small credit card bill.

Isn’t it funny how we position things to ourselves?

We find out what really motivates us, and then go from there.

Someone else might not be motivated by the lack of a higher bill, and might be more interested in a higher bank balance.

Not Spending Money

Okay, so let’s back up a minute. I get a ton of emails telling me about great sales or incentives on either products I enjoy or ones I’d like to try. Sometimes I am very easily persuaded to take advantage of these offers.

And let me go down another path here. I participate in the noom program to lose weight. They talk a LOT about not listening to that voice in your head, for me, about those oreos or the caramel salted popcorn over in the cabinet.

But I have also used their methodology to apply to that voice in my head about listening to those offers on the emails. Such a great sale, you should take advantage!

Aha! But I am now countering those arguments with –

  • Do I really need that item now?
    • First – get up and check your current supply!
    • Do not just think that you need it this month!
  • Don’t they have sales ALL the time?
  • Or at least you know that this will NOT be their last sale ever.
  • You are not going away for another <x> months. You do not need to purchase that item now.
  • Did you check your closet first? What about all those shoes (or other items) you bought in duplicate? Don’t you have the boxes of the extra pairs on your top shelf?

Not Spending MoneyAnd another thing. I have a points card that I love using for my travel expenses.

So, it’s often a thrill to have a high credit card balance because that means I’ll be saving on my travel in the coming months.

Still, I tell myself that is no reason to purchase something just because it’s a good deal and that I will earn points.

I am two weeks into my not spending money routine. I think it’s working. Well, at least I am not buying that many things – only “neccessities” – like golf course fees and groceries. So far so good.

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