To Tink or Not

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Knit or Tink?

I am up to the sleeves! I am an “old fashioned” knitter – I don’t do the magic circle knitting where I can do two round pieces at the same time. Therefore, I am on the first sleeve now that I’ve gotten past those 16 3/4 inches!

In the knitting world, to Tink is to backtrack to a mistake and fix it. (Knit spelled backwards.) Typically, I will not Tink but forge ahead and fix the mistake on the next row…or whenever I catch it.

Just like the saying “if you think something is too good to be true, it usually is,” it is also true that if you have a nagging suspicion that you’ve made a mistake, you probably have!

Somehow I reversed my direction when I was knitting in the round. Luckily I had hours to kill while traveling and discovered my error in my ribbing stitches. I will fondly remember my time in the DC airport tinking the sleeve. And being proud of myself for being professional about it.
Not that I had a choice….there was a piece of yarn pulled across the back…and the rows were skewed.


  1. What happened to that saying “only G-d is perfect” that you follow??

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