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I’ve come up with a new word to represent all the random thoughts I’ve had about coping during this pandemic – Covid-isms. Yes, folks, you saw it here first! I’m betting you’ve had some as well.

With a vaccine soon to be available, hopefully we are winding down to this time period being a distant memory. We may be shaking our heads trying to remember all these thoughts in the near future.  (Though we will have our social media posts instead of scrapbooks.)  It’s time to document our Covid-isms!

To mimic Billy on the Street (love that show and Billy Eichner!), here we go!

  • I paid $5 a week to fill my gas tank in high school. Now I pay $15 a month…because I don’t go anywhere!
  • I want time off from work-from-home because I just want to hang out at home by myself. 
My Mask Collection
  • The biggest part of going out these days is deciding which mask to wear.  
  • My dentist must be happy that I am no longer using my teeth to open foreign objects.
  • I am doing my best to support the local economy, but how much can a single person purchase? I have been up for the challenge!
(Some of) My New Shoes
  • I’m not sure why I need all these new shoes since I’m not going anywhere.
  • I still get dressed for work. And it still surprises me to see Executives wearing t-shirts on conference calls. How much does it take to at least put on a polo shirt? 
My winter view
  • I am lucky to live in Florida where my winter weather is everyone else’s summer weather. But, wait, does that mean that we Floridians spent too much time indoors during the summer?
  • And the most meaningful of all, I realize that I am in a very fortunate position to be able to complain about my job.

What are your Covid-isms?

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  1. OMG Julie!! So spot on!! Well done birthday girl! I’ve been boot shopping up here in New Jersey. I have had 5 pair sent to the house and plan to try them on in my living room. With free returns Its easy to send them back. Thanks for posting!! I appreciate the laugh!

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