Geometric Update

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In my Lapis post last week, I reported on the geometric shapes that I decided upon for my wavy lapis beads. The work continues and I am excited by the possibilities!

I have progressed from the standard shapes to the open shapes.

Standard Hexagon with Lapis bead
Geometric beading
Open triangles with Lapis bead

Yesterday, a hanging ceramic design caught my eye at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art in Tarpon Springs, FL. This piece entitled “Vertical Integration” by Maria Albornoz shows interlinked hanging ceramic squares.

My eye caught on the interlocking geometric shapes, in this case squares. And ceramic! My mind wanders to the logistics of setting up and transporting the piece first. Then to the possibility of incorporating some of this design into my beading.




My goal is to understand how the different geometric shapes are created so that I can use them more freely in my beading. I am using the lapis beads to make this learning more engaging, and to come up with a creative setting for the beads.

Once the process to create geometric shapes becomes rote I will be able to envision more possibilities with them.

In the meantime, I am perserving through the different geometric designs. Triangles, check! I am now addressing the Square.

Square in progress

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