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Golf is the perfect game for people who need some alone time.

Actually it’s a perfect game for both introverts and extroverts.


I share a cart when I play – either one of us can drive, doesn’t matter to me.

We chat as we go from ball to ball. Topics include how well or poorly the ball was hit, where the flag is, and other golfing related topics. Or we can talk about non-golf things. Our jobs. Our favorite restaurants, pets, etc.

How to Play Golf

One of the things about golf is that you are supposed to remember all these things to do for the perfect swing –

  • Keep your knees slightly bent
  • Keep your arm straight
  • Have your forearm facing forward
  • Hold the club loosely
  • Have your shoulder point where you want the ball to go
  • and the list goes on
  • While also not thinking about anything.
    • So your body is supposed to know to do these things and then you stop thinking.


it’s true

all these things to do and not think at the same time

Alone Time

well, the beauty of all this is while you are remembering but not thinking is time to yourself.

Your golf partner leaves you off on your own to figure it all out. Take a couple of practice swings, then go!

The Joy of Golf

Everyone hits some bad shots and some good shots. No one passes judgement because we all hit some bad shots. The joy is being out there, getting a good shot or two, and striving to do better next time.

Introverts enjoy the thinking, the time spent remembering what to do and the time spent not thinking at all.

We (or I) also enjoy the social time in the golf cart but with its breaks in between.

Extroverts, I imagine, enjoy the social time in the golf cart, and also the physical activity, maybe? (All you extroverts, please add your comments to enlighten me!)

Either way, it is addictive.

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