Go to the Dermatologist!

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I want to be very clear – especially to my childhood friends & acquaintances who grew up in South Florida – go to the Dermatologist!

We grew up in a lovely setting. The sun was out all year round. We were going in the pool or to the beach at least through October, if not more.  All before the days of protective sun tan lotion.

The skin cells are now upset at the lack of care and attention in our youth.

Skin cancer affects all skin colors! Do not think that you are protected because you have more pigmentation in your skin! Skin cancer does not discriminate!

My recent visit found two moles that were not cancerous but the cells were abnormal. One required a deeper removal at the doctor’s office and the other resulted in outpatient surgery. I am not in pain from the surgery. Dealing with the temporary restrictions – no golf, no walking, little standing – is driving me slightly mad.

Despite current frustrations, I am very grateful that I routinely visit the dermatologist, and that they prevail on the overly cautious side in their examinations.


  1. Not only did we not use protective lotions, but how many of us slathered baby oil all over while sunbathing?!? We were literally baking in the sun. Oy.

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