Vogue Knitting Live!

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I registered for the NYC Vogue Knitting Live yesterday!

I registered for 3 classes and 1 lecture, and am attending the Gala dinner with Barbara Kingsolver as the guest speaker.

Although it starts on Thursday evening, January 16th, I am going for Saturday and Sunday. Last year I took 4 classes, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, and was absolutely Exhausted by the time the 4th class started.

I registered for:

  • Melissa Leapman’s HA! Fooled You! class that explores stitch patterns that “fool the eye,” like stitches that look like cables but are not.  I took Melissa’s class on double knitting last year, and enjoyed both her and the class.
  • A Norah Gaughan lecture, Pattern Stitch Development and Design Possibilities, where she will talk about taking a stitch pattern and building designs around it. Have you seen her designs? They are gorgeous. I can’t wait to hear about her thought process.
  • Lucy Neatby’s Various Variegations class. I need this class! I love variegated yarns, and always wonder how the dyers know how to space out the different colors – since the yarn will be used for so many different projects.  Plus, in an upcoming post, you’ll see how the project for my trip did not fare well because the yarn coloring was not as expected.
  • Finally, Leslye Solomon’s Finishing Sweaters Can Be A Happy Ending.  I took Leslye’s Sweater Design class 2 years ago and I was disappointed because it was very basic. Leslye is very engaging though, so it wasn’t a total loss. However, for this one class, I am hoping it will be very basic because I have the worst aversion to finishing sweaters. When I first started knitting, my aunt would actually finish them for me! (How kind of her! Really!) Now I usually choose patterns that are done in one piece so I can avoid this step as much as possible.  If Leslye can make this as basic as possible then maybe I’ll be able to expand my repertoire.

Yes, I am excited!

However….I am currently going by myself.  I know I’ll be fine and have fun, and meet new people.  Still….Anyone want to join me?

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